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Bit of Business WHO?

Hey there!

My name is Sean, and I lead content creation here at Bit of Business. I have a passion for business, marketing, and entrepreneurship, like you. Over time, my deep fascination for these fields, constantly led me to seek out how products, companies, and marketing campaigns started, grew, or collapsed. 

In March 2020, I realized that my passion for business and my love for content creation could intersect, leading to the launch of Bit of Business. Bit of Business is a hub of inspiration and knowledge for students and professionals working to make a big impact.

Our mission is simple: to entertain, educate, and enable people like you who aspire to leave a positive mark on the world.

Bit of Business dives into the captivating stories of iconic businesses, entrepreneurs, products, and marketing campaigns. From the birth of game-changing startups to the trials and triumphs of industry legends, we share the strategies, principles, and secrets behind their success... or failure. 


Our content is created to inspire, inform, and ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within each and every one of our community members (and ourselves).

Thank you for being a part of Bit of Business. We're grateful to have you join us on this journey.

Stay connected, stay curious, and let's make a big impact together.


- Sean and the Bit of Business team

Bit of Business founder, Sean, drinking a cup of coffee.
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